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1.16.2013 :: ZPhiB Founders Day

My sorority's Founder's Day happened ... And so did a Lolita coord to ...

I'm a fan of dressing for the weather without your entire coord coming apart. So I tend to show the coord's base and it's layered parts ... Great for seeing what you'll look like in the streets, I think. >^.*<

~je t'adore!

1.9.13 :: Charlestown

So my day off, I decided to join a friend at ♪Charlestown Races & Slots♪ (now Hollywood Casino). In a sneakerhead kinda mood, i pulled my Adidas Stan Smith's (Sleek Series) off the shelf & planned around them. So here's what happened ...

12.27.12 :: New Hair

Momma's been playing in color!

So. As a Lolita, of color at that, not enough girls experiment with their natural side (in my opinion). Yes!!!! Split wigs are mah ish! But when it comes down to it, why not love taking a split wig off & seeing what colorful magic called YOUR hair is underneath.

Aside from that ... Why not let YOUR hair compliment your Lolita side ... On any given day! There's always gonna be something that'll remind people that you are a lolita ... Me?! I want people to remember cupcakes & locs n' sh!t ;-)

Cheers to Ratchet Lolita life & all it's got to offer! Now meet my lovely stylist, Jem Styles ... & see what happens!


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12.22.12 Holiday Gaming Party

I made it! I didn't think I was going to be able to join my lovely little sis at the holiday gaming party ... BUT the Lolita Goddesses smiled in my favor.

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11.11.12 :: Anime USA

Twinning w/ my little loli-sis, nekkon_he for a day at Anime USA ... All I can say is FUN!

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12.21.12 :: Super Casual

So it's the end of the world & what bettet way to go (if it DOES happen) than in ruffles & bows.

12.1.12 :: International Lolita Day

I hope everyone's International Lolita Day was simply splendid! ^.^

This go, I decided to go a bit shorter than usual and play peek-a-boo. Concrit is certainly welcomed!

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I'm doing introductions to the communities that I've been following here ... Unfortunately, I probably sound like such a cornball since I've been more of a loner, even as a Lolita ^.^ But such is life right?! I wouldn't know til I tried!!!

Nice to meet you all! ^.^

Great day ladies! My name is Imani K. Brown. I'm an artistic (everyday, bittersweet & ((usu)) natural) lolita in the DC area. I've had live journal for a while and recently joined the communities to meet more lollita friends and become more active.

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